power game (EN only)

- so what is your horse riding experience?

- well, I did a few days of horse trekking in Mongolia but…

- aaaaah – and this ‘ahhh’ came before I finished the sentence to say ‘but I’m a crappy rider’ – Mongolia! excellent! take this horse.

THIS horse was looking like a nice milk-chocolate pacified cutie standing quietly among others. Well, ok, I thought.

But ‘do not judge book by looking at it’s cover!’

THIS horse transformed into a beast just when I seat on him. THIS horse wanted always be THE FIRST one and damn you other horses that wanted to pass forward, because THIS horse knew very well what galopping is. I mean FAST GALOPPING. So do I starting from today. And he was incredibly sensitive to any move I did …except the one asking him to stop or slow down.

Remembering Mongolian experience with half wild horse I was pretty tense at the beginning. We were playing power game. ‘This sugar-babe is going to give me hard time today’ I thought. Till the first stop, when I decided (and yes, it was a decision) to give up the fear and … approach with love. Looking in his eyes, touching his head and neck, having whispered some love-chat to his ear.

By the second ride we still had some struggles about the power but we could communicate much better and he was reacting to my touch and voice as well. That gave me this trust in him to enjoy the ride and give him what he was longing for – long distance galopping.

Third ride was just amazing. It was such a magical experience (and magical landscape as well) like for the first time I really felt what horse riding is about and how it is to be united in the sense of freedom.

Out of sudden most of the movements came naturally. Beautiful!