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Traveling has been in my heart since ever. Similarly curiosity about the world and people. Everyone has their own way of seeing and understanding the world. One sets out to explore as many places searching for the variety of activities or attractions. But for me the most interesting was just – meeting people. Often randomly, with ‘locals’ and with ‘brothers in adventure’, that is with other travelers. Those meetings many times verified and reshuffled puzzles of my worldview. They challenged me and forced to pay closer attention to the cultural differences of the countries where I lived. But above all, they made my journey ‘mine’ and unique. Surely one of these meetings, which extremely touched my heart, was volunteering at a home for children ‘Casa Hogar Juan Pablo Magno’ in Lurin, near Lima (Peru). I invite you to visit their site and (as far as possible for you) for financial support. None penny is wasted in there, and even with what they do not have they share with even more needy. Should you have any questions regarding their activities please do not hesitate to contact me and ask.


I would also never get to Antarctica without cheerful encouragement and help of SELMA’s crew: