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About me

Luiza. For friends – Lu, Lui, Luizjana…

Since shortly and thanks to my Chilean amigos also called ‘Patiperro‘ which means ‘someone always ready to be on the road again’.

Educated musician and economist. Passionate traveler. Or better said – travelling Christian. With big heart for music and everything linked to it. Since forever – interested in world, people. Observer, explorer, discoverer. I try to feel, touch, taste, hear. Beyond, more, differently. I am – as simple as that.

I developed my travelling skills gradually, first in Europe, then a little bit braver by travelling in Mexico, Indonesia and New Zealand.

In 2013 I decided to combine my passions and went on a long awaited and longed for journey to Asia and South America. With some sketch in my head and an open heart to what and who I will meet on the road.

I spent half-year in Asia, during which I visited Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Nepal, China and Mongolia. Next eight months belonged to South America which was winning my heart gradually and seducing with beautiful landscapes and warmhearted people I met on the road through Colombia, Ecuador with Galapagos, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Spontaneous decision to catch the wind of opportunity that arouse I reached also land of Antarctica and on this way was putting my feet on seven continents. But this journey was not about the records or achievements. There were landscapes, places and silence that was taking my breath away. There were encounters with people and cultures, those special ones that verified and changed the order of the puzzles in my perceptions of world, that inspired me to go beyond my comfort zone, limitations and things I got used to do and think. That all what made my journey ‘mine’ and special one. That all echoes still in my heart and memories but I have already ideas for some new adventures.

And that all I would love to share with you on that blog. Cause the travel never ends.

But I also encourage you to explore with me, to ask questions and seek answers, to tell what you like, what you want to hear. I will act as your personal reporter. Luporter.


Luiza “Patiperro’ Chrzanowska