Halloween or Holy Wins? celebrating in Cusco

Exactly a year ago I recovered from a trekking to Machu Picchu in Cuso getting in the middle of Halloween-All Saints crush.

I have never been to States for Haloween but I am sure Peru is same crazy about, at least Cusco. Already a day before kids, parents and grandparents were buying the outfits for the upcoming night.

I joined the crowd pretty late but exactly in the moment I was getting out of hostel some litle evil just crossed my way asking for candies. i looked overwhelmed around at all the monsters with Peruvian faces (well that was a difference in comparison with what I knew from movies). I seat at the Place dArmas and watched them all as from the main street I have seen the procession with the Senior de los Milagros (Lord of the miricales). In stable steps they moved forward into the ‘deads’ crowd, singing songs. I remember ladies with white laces on their heads in the front of the procession. There was absolutely lot of majestic power over it. I joined them but not as the only one, also some monsters and wampires and zombies got assimilated into the praising group. Which builded quite unique procession I must say. This memory still calls a smile on my face.




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Cusco -13.531950, -71.967463