Coco rico!




You cannot come to Colombia to make diet.  Show me the ascetic man that would stand all this temptation waiting for him on each corner.

First of all – colorful fruits and juices. Fruits that I did not know that exist. On water or milk, whatever you wish.

Secondly, snacks: arepas (little fried snacks made of corn flour) conqueso (means cheese), patacones (platanos, special kind of bananas fried and squeezed), emapanadas – fried dumplings. Lot of food in Colombia is fried. Even ants (huge ones). While visiting one of my hosts Her friend brought a box of ants (well, still alive), cut them wings and legs and fried them alive on the pane. Having a normal conversation during all this activities (carried out with cold blood). This snack is apparently pretty expensive in Columbia, but even knowing that I was not able to cross ‘iiiiiiiiii’-barrier and meet other culinary taste.

There were also strange mixtures, as hot chocolate served with pieces of soft and salty white cheese inside that melted inside like chewing gum. Nevertheless the ants got into category ‘I will never put it into my mouth’.

Further on: meat and chicken. Exactly divided like that. Cause meat is meat and chicken is chicken. No discussion. Meat (or fish, especially at the coast) were served with rice, potatos and patacones – all on one plate and at the same time.

But my favorite is definitely coco rice. By the way everything with coco just makes me happy. Especially on the coast I could fill in my belly with coco rice, cocadas  (ribed coco pulp with caramel made of cane sugar) and limonada de coco with the taste broken by lemon.

Start feeling hugry while writing!

So here you have the receipt for the coco rice:

1 coconut (mature, having a bit harder pulp inside)

Ca. 200g of rice

Cut the coco, keep the water. Ribe the pulp and squeeze the coco milk out of it (add to the water) and roast the rest on the pane.

Cook rice with coco milk and water. Once ready add roasted pulp. Mix it. Eat it!